Since 1933, Kirkus Reviews has been a leading review and book discovery service for top publishers including the Big 5, boutique presses, genre imprints and Indie authors. Readers also browse their site, magazine and newsletter in search of exciting new material. For JP Paul, the December Kirkus review of his novel, RATTLE, comes as an appreciated and gratifying early Christmas gift !

The Proctars, a collection of witty, erudite aesthetes, resemble J.D. Salinger’s famous Glass family, but they also bring a Faulknerian Southern attitude and 21st-century concerns. Paul writes in a verbose, intelligent style that recalls David Foster Wallace…. 
...A strong, stylish novel about one family’s battle to preserve its identity in the face of changing times. - Kirkus Reviews
Check JP's reaction to the professional review in the updated Q&A here.
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